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SynchroGrid Engineering provides electric utilities with a range of professional services, including transmission and distribution line design, system protection design, relay settings development, relay coordination studies, relay mis-operation analysis, and NERC compliance.

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SynchroGrid offers several software packages. Wavewin oscillographic data and SynchroGrid's relay graphical analysis assist protection engineers in deciphering system mis-operations. We also offer SARA-our software tool that seamlessly interacts with ASPEN to simplify relay setting development as well as provide a complete solution for PRC-027-1 compliance. 

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SynchroGrid's research division focuses on solving utility problems related to protective relaying, transient effects, voltage issues, and other similar challenges. If you are struggling to find a solution to these types of issues, look inside to see how we can help.

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See You at TSDOS 2019

September 10, 2018

SynchroGrid had a great time at the 51st annual TSDOS, and we shared with many fellow professionals about our quality work in system protection services. 

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LCRA Using SARA 2.0

September 7, 2018

LCRA recently began using SARA 2.0! Our newest update offers many new benefits and features, providing a cutting edge automation process for relay settings development. 

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Coming Soon to TSDOS

August 24, 2018

SynchroGrid is returning to TSDOS this year for the 51st annual Transmission and Substation Design and Operation Symposium! 

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