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Achieving Simplicity

Protection and Control

Our engineers rely on decades of experience in protection and control design to provide clients with industry-best relay one-lines, three-lines, wiring diagrams, control schematics, and more.


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Protection and control drawings


Field-proven Expertise

SynchroGrid team

Let us support your team with our wealth of experience in protection and control design. Whether rebuilding, expanding, or commissioning a new substation, we can provide:

  • Relay one-lines
  • Three-lines
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Control schematics
  • Relay panel replacements
  • Breaker and transformer upgrades
  • Control house upgrades

…and more!


Drawing Standards and Templates

3d image of layers of screens

Take ownership of your future projects and maintain critical utility knowledge while cultivating consistency from project to project with SynchroGrid drawing standards and templates. Generated wholly in-house, our templates can be developed from pre-existing drawings or as completely new designs.


Intensive Review Processes

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To ensure SynchroGrid clients receive the best deliverables for optimal performance, each study, analysis, and document undergoes intense scrutiny through both internal peer and supervisory reviews for expert quality control.

Interested in expanding your system protection capabilities? Let’s talk about your challenges and ways we can help to provide unparalleled system protection services. Give us a call.

Case Studies

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