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Digital Substation Feasibility Study





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Digital Substation Feasibility Study


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SynchroGrid performed a comprehensive study that evaluated various digital substation options from multiple equipment vendors that align with the client’s standards, allowing them to invest in a solution that matches their specific needs. The substation which was under consideration consists of two 138kV transmission lines, one 138 kV tie breaker, two 138-34.5 kV transformers, and two 34.5 kV switchgear.

With SynchroGrid’s help, the client can confidently choose a sustainable option that ensures reliability, affordability, security, safety, environmental responsibility, and resiliency. The study highlights the advantages of the IEC 61850 protocol-based digital substation options that come fully equipped with network capabilities. Additionally, the TiDL protocol-based option (non-IEC 61850) provides a system protection engineer friendly alternative, making it a perfect fit for their needs.


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