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Achieving Simplicity

Relay Setting Development

Whether using traditional or fully automated methods, our relay setting engineers take the hassle out of the tedious, error-prone tasks related to the constant need for new or updated relay settings, keeping your system up to date and compliant with the latest NERC standards.


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Relay Settings Development

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Our in-depth knowledge of relay algorithms and forensic analysis gives us extensive development, review, and coordination capabilities for industry-best traditional relay settings development.

We work with our clients to establish a standard protection philosophy for their unique systems, create or update settings, accommodate multiple levels of review, and generate the appropriate documentation to ensure compliance.


Automated Relay Setting Processes

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Traditional relay setting development methods are often prone to human error due to tedious copy-and-paste processes. We have combined our expertise in system protection with emerging automation technologies to develop a streamlined settings process, minimizing errors and increasing efficiency.

PRC-027-1 Requirement 1

Our automation techniques also provide a state-of-the-art solution for PRC-027-1, Requirement 1, one of the latest NERC standards, which requires power and utility companies to have a well-defined and well-documented relay setting development process. Our methodical workflow utilizes established protection philosophies, sanitizes and verifies the short-circuit model, and includes a thorough review process, using automation scripts to crosscheck results and ensure reliability.

We also offer an automated wide area coordination solution for PRC-027-1, Requirement 2, which you can read about here.


Relay Coordination Studies

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Improperly coordinated relay settings create the potential for injury to personnel as well as expensive equipment damage. Using rigorous scanning techniques, we can uncover weaknesses and errors in the system that could cause misoperations as well as cascading blackouts.

Our comprehensive coordination studies, conducted in collaboration with clients, ensure each relay is set for the optimal level of sensitivity, selectivity, and time delay, reducing the stress on the system and on your bottom line.


Third-Party Review

Third Party Relay Setting Reviews

Maybe you did not hear about us until after you received relay setting services from another entity. We are here to help! As the primary relay setting engineers of choice, we also provide comprehensive review services for relay setting calculations and documentation produced by other consultants.

Beyond the extra measure of quality control, we simply want to ensure that you are delivering the best possible service to your customers as well as enjoying the most efficient capabilities your system can offer.

Interested in expanding your system protection capabilities? Let’s talk about your challenges and ways we can help to provide unparalleled system protection services. Give us a call.

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