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Achieving Simplicity

NERC Compliance Services

SynchroGrid engineers stay up to date with the latest regulatory requirements, assisting clients with maintaining compliance and grid reliability while avoiding exorbitant fines. We offer guaranteed solutions for PRC-002 to PRC-027.

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NERC PRC Transmission Standards

Transmission lines

We possess in-depth knowledge of NERC PRC transmission standards including PRC-003, PRC-004, PRC-006, PRC-007, PRC-008, PRC-009, PRC-010, PRC-011, PRC-012, PRC-013, PRC-014, PRC-015, PRC-016, PRC-017, PRC-18, PRC-020, PRC-021, PRC-022, PRC-023, PRC-026, and PRC-027.


NERC PRC Generator Standards


We have a wealth of experience in providing NERC generator services including NERC PER-006, PRC-002, PRC-005, PRC-019, PRC-024, and PRC-025.

We can help review systems and recommend improvements such that generating units remain compliant to the defined requirements outlined by each NERC standard.


Automated Solutions


We offer innovative automation solutions for PRC-023 and PRC-027.

SynchroGrid can offer a well-designed solution to meet compliance requirements by combining our expertise in system protection analyses and our progressive modeling and simulation features using ASPEN and other tools developed in-house.


Unique Solution for PRC-027-1

PowerBase and SARA icons

SynchroGrid’s SARA, a premier setting automation relay assistant, in collaboration with Doble’s PowerBase™, offers state-of-the-art automated solutions that successfully address time-consuming, cost-prohibitive challenges presented by NERC PRC-027-1 compliance requirements.

Addressing Requirement 1

Requirement 1 (R1) states that power and utility companies need to have a well-defined and well-documented relay setting development process.

  • SARA and PowerBase™ empower utilities to establish a streamlined process for relay setting development by automating the conventional workflow and simplifying the review process. This new, automated workflow involves SARA retrieving information from PowerBase, communicating with the short-circuit model (such as ASPEN OneLiner or PSS CAPE) to auto-calculate faults, and generating a relay setting file, along with user-friendly reports, for NERC compliant documentation.

Addressing Requirement 2

The purpose of Requirement 2 (R2) is to avoid misoperations caused by dynamic changes in the power system by performing wide area coordination (WAC) studies at regular intervals.

  • SARA and Doble’s PowerBase™ provide an efficient, automated solution for conducting WAC studies by facilitating the rigorous task of validating the model, analyzing the data, and tracking violations. And for enhanced recordkeeping, PowerBase™ tracks, stores, and retrieves the latest settings, which minimizes unnecessary time spent on retrieving data.

Read more about our integration with PowerBase™ here.


Customized Reports

Customized reports for NERC Compliance

SynchroGrid uses standardized templates and automation processes to generate customized reports for each client, greatly simplifying the documentation-compliance process

Interested in expanding your system protection capabilities? Let’s talk about your challenges and ways we can help to provide unparalleled system protection services. Give us a call.

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