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SynchroGrid’s experienced professionals become an extension of our client’s engineering department, serving as a specialized team that executes critical engineering projects.

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Protection and Control

Meet your protection and control needs with results-driven experience and next-generation design services.

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Relay setting development services

Relay Setting Development

Call us the ultimate stress relief — relay setting reliability begins and ends with experienced SynchroGrid professionals dedicated to ensuring and maintaining power system reliability.

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Automated Wide Area Coordination

Get a streamlined solution for your wide-area coordination processes and maintain PRC-027-1 compliance.

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Standardization of Drawings and Settings

Increase efficiency and reduce errors by standardizing your utility’s method for developing drawings and settings.

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NERC Compliance Services

New regulations? We can help. Guarantee regulatory compliance with well-integrated solutions designed specifically for your operations by our NERC PRC subject matter experts.

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Power Plant Services

Keep your power plant cutting edge and compliant with SynchroGrid’s industry-leading NERC compliance services, design services, technical analyses, power system studies, and client-centered training.

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Other Services

Let our comprehensive suite of in-house services, built on decades of industry experience, enable your operational success.


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Standardizing Workflows

Our innovative SARA software automates the relay setting development process and streamlines PRC-027-1 compliance.

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Interested in expanding your system protection capabilities? Let’s talk about your challenges and ways we can help to provide unparalleled system protection services. Give us a call.