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Achieving Simplicity

Automated Wide Area Coordination

SynchroGrid leads the industry in providing cutting-edge automation services for wide area coordination studies. Using automation, we streamline many of the tedious and error-prone steps for more efficient, reliable processes, providing a comprehensive solution for PRC-027-1, Requirement 2.

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Automating WAC Studies

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Wide area coordination studies require substantial time and effort above and beyond what most utilities can handle. In addition, they are intensely time-consuming, laborious, and expensive, adding an immense load to an already busy staff. Using automation tools, we can:

  • Audit the sensitivity, selectivity, and security of protective relays’ performance, saving engineers considerable time and effort
  • Uncover the weaknesses and errors that could cause misoperations as well as cascading blackouts
  • Provide recommendations for resolving these issues

By using automation, SynchroGrid’s rigorous scanning techniques ensure reliable protection operation and maximum system security.


Automating PRC-027-1

Coordinating grid over transmission lines

PRC-027-1, Requirement 2, presents utility companies with extra burdens that include performing periodic wide area coordination studies of entire systems as well as conducting in-depth examinations of short-circuit case information. These tasks present an enormous undertaking and require more resources and experience than most utilities can provide.

SynchroGrid’s SARA, a premier setting automation relay assistance tool, and Doble’s PowerBase™ deliver a one-two punch that allow your dedicated engineers to avoid tedious and error-prone steps for more efficient, reliable processes and comprehensive solutions designed to fulfill the latest regulatory requirements.

Read more about SARA here.

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