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New Direction in System Protection

Empowering electric utilities to maintain power grid reliability with trailblazing consulting services and innovative software

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Transmission Lines
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Transforming grid reliability approaches through simple, innovative solutions

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Customers count on utilities to provide reliable services. We act as an extension to help utilities exceed expectations.

  • Relay Setting Development

    Offering unparalleled relay setting development, review, and coordination services

  • Protection and Control

    Providing field-proven expertise from the utility, manufacturing, and consulting fields


  • NERC Compliance

    Avoiding hefty penalty fines by providing rigorous reviews and thorough documentation

  • Innovative Software

    Automating transmission line relay setting creation and wide area coordination


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Standardizing Workflows

Our innovative SARA software automates the relay setting development process and streamlines PRC-027-1 compliance.

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Experience & Innovation

Trusted by utilities across the U.S. because our specialized approach gets results

  • Standardizing processes to reduce errors
  • Integrating automation to improve reliability
  • Intensively reviewing processes to avoid misoperations
  • Continuously researching to provide cutting-edge services
  • Commended by NERC auditors and clients for superior work
  • Recognized as an innovator by industry leaders such as ASPEN and Doble Engineering
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Interested in expanding your system protection capabilities? Let’s talk about your challenges and ways we can help to provide unparalleled system protection services. Give us a call.

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Case Studies

System Protection

Arc Flash Analysis

SynchroGrid performed an arc flash analysis on the electrical distribution system for a wind farm.

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Case Studies

NERC Compliance

Wide Area Coordination Study

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CTT Reactor Relay Replacement

Case Studies

Protection and Control Design and System Protection

Line Panel Replacement

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Arc Flash

WAC Study

Line Panel Replacement

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