Simplifying Waveform Analysis

Wavewin Software

Along with industry partner Softstuf, a software development company, SynchroGrid provides the best fault oscillographic software on the market: Wavewin. In operation across North America and Europe by major utilities and manufacturers, Wavewin offers our clients more than 25 years of software development expertise, with no foreseeable limit to its potential growth.

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Power Up Your Waveform Analysis Capabilities

Through Wavewin, SynchroGrid offers clients the premier fault oscillographic software on the market for the analysis of disturbance monitoring equipment (DME) data — no other program comes close in performance. Wavewin software allows users to conduct remote retrieval of oscillography and sequence-of-event (SOE) data from a variety of substation devices.

Employed and distributed by industry leaders such as GE, ABB, and SEL, Wavewin outperforms other fault analysis programs with features that:

  • Greatly reduce labor-hours spent retrieving, naming, and storing DME data
  • Organize data storage based on user-defined file hierarchy
  • Avoid the overwriting of events in DME devices before retrieval
  • Provide real-time fault locations to system operations
  • Share timely information with neighboring utilities
  • Secure communications with remote devices
  • Create audit logs for user activity
  • Facilitate easy management of passwords to DME devices
  • Quickly generate fault and SOE reports

Learn more about Wavewin and how it can boost your performance today by visiting SoftStuf’s website!

Our Other Software

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