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SynchroGrid Publications

SynchroGrid’s engineers further contribute to the system protection industry by publishing and presenting papers at major relay conferences in the United States.

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March 28, 2022

Interoperability of System Protection Software

This paper highlights the benefits of interoperability between system protection software packages such as short circuit programs, relay setting databases, and relay setting development software.

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March 26, 2021

Auto-tuned solution to wide area coordination issues of distance and directional time overcurrent relay settings.

A generalized solution for automatic wide area coordination by incorporating our framework for distance protective elements, more contingencies in fault studies, and overcurrent curve parameter for DOCRs.

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March 26, 2021

Selecting, implementing and overcoming challenges when selecting coordination criteria for wide area applications

Methods for determining coordination criteria for a Wide Area Coordination study by taking different scenarios and system configurations into consideration.

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February 25, 2020

A Guide for Calculating Step Distance Relay Settings

This white paper provides a basic structure for calculating Step Distance Relay settings which utilities can follow to implement their own protection philosophy, establish a process for relay setting development, and ensure compliance with NERC PRC-027-1 Requirement 1. It also provides the reader information on software solutions for building and storing an entire protection philosophy to maintain uniformity and consistency.

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January 22, 2020

Evaluating Options for PRC-027-1 Compliance

This presentation offers a state-of-the art process for complying with Requirements 1, 2, and 3 of PRC-027-1, offering an innovative approach to compliance.

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September 17, 2019

Establishing Innovative Processes to Comply with PRC-027-1

There is an increasing demand for utilities to define a relay settings process and check relay coordination which is driven by regulatory requirements such as the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) PRC-027-1 standard. In this white paper, we outline the differences between a manual process and a novel, automated process for fulfilling Requirement 1 (R1) and Requirement 2 (R2) of the PRC-027-1 standard.

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