Utility Consulting Services

At SynchroGrid, we become an extension of the utility department and act as another team of employees to complete critical engineering projects. As members of the utility team, we minimize the utility engineer’s time commitment to the project so he can focus on other important areas. We do this by training, communicating, and taking responsibility for all aspects of the project. Many utilities find our services helpful for substation and transmission line design, relay coordination studies, relay settings, fault analysis, NERC compliance, and much more.

NERC PRC-027-1 Compliance

As the deadline for Requirement 1 of PRC-027-1 approaches (April 1, 2021), utilities are evaluating their options for potential solutions.

SynchroGrid offers two innovative solutions for achieving compliance with this NERC standard.

System Protection

SynchroGrid's core business is system protection design. By focusing on system protection, we are able to provide our customers with the level of expertise, detail, and knowledge necessary to accommodate their needs.

Substation Design

Upgrading or building a new substation? Please give us a call to request a Statement of Qualifications so we can get your substation project started. At SynchroGrid, we help utilities with new substations, improvements, expansions, retrofit applications, and more.

NERC Compliance

SynchroGrid specializes in NERC compliance standards from PRC-001 through PRC-027. The emphasis on these system protection standards allows SynchroGrid to draw on its strengths to provide unmatched service to our customers.

Standardization of Drawings and Relay Settings

Standardize and simplify relay setting development by creating SEL RDB templates. 

Substation Cloud Automation

SynchroGrid can provide detailed design and implementation of top-of-the-line communication systems that spread across your entire network. The IEEE C37.94 communication protocol allows access to manage and monitor any substation asset in the network. This unparalleled level of access allows engineers to efficiently monitor, troubleshoot, and restore power grid assets as never before.

Substation HMI Solutions

Complete System Monitoring and Control Made Simple Through HMI