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February 20, 2024

Development of Finance Team

SynchroGrid proudly introduces Colby South as our new Finance Manager! There is no doubt Colby will thrive in this role with her extensive experience, strategic mindset, and critical thinking skills.

Originally from Ennis, TX, Colby relocated to College Station for her college education. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a master’s degree in accounting. Her inspiration to pursue accounting was cultivated by the mentors and leadership within the Texas A&M Professional Program of Accounting at Mays Business School. She says, “Collectively they do a great job outlining a day in the life of various accounting professional paths and by connecting students with professionals in the business early on in their college careers.”

Colby’s passion for accounting and finance traces back to her love for math classes and numbers from an early age. As an adult she came to realize that the numbers embedded within financials are a crucial input that help drive the storytelling of a business. Beyond the underlying technical skills, the most important aspect in finance is relationships and collaboration across the company. Colby says, “To incorporate what others do for the business into what I do creates a more meaningful output.”

During her previous role in the government technology software industry, Colby specialized in financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis. Now, she looks forward to integrating the finance team as a key partner in SynchroGrid’s operations, aiming to facilitate easier, quicker, and more data-informed decision making.

As Finance Manager, Colby’s primary goal is to understand the industry, both short-term needs and long-term vision of Synchrogrid, to begin to formulate the foundation and develop a high functioning finance/accounting team.

Outside of work, Colby enjoys running and traveling. Family time is also important to her, as she loves spending time outdoors with her three daughters.