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June 6, 2024

Welcoming Our Newest Electrical Engineering Talent

We are thrilled to introduce Roshan Voduri, who joins SynchroGrid as an Electrical Engineering Intern. Roshan will begin his journey as an intern and transition to a full-time role as a Relay Setting Engineer I in August. His strengths in breaking down complex problems into manageable steps, combined with his analytical mindset and problem-solving skills, will undoubtedly contribute to SynchroGrid’s success.

Roshan is originally from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, India. He earned his Bachelor of Technology in electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology Durgapur. Currently, he is pursuing his Master of Science in electrical engineering at Texas A&M University. His passion for electrical engineering was sparked by his love for physics and a desire to solve complex problems. Witnessing theoretical concepts come to life in practical applications further fueled his enthusiasm.

Roshan’s interest in the power industry began during his school days, sparked by a project inspired by the Shanghai Maglev train. As green energy technologies rapidly advanced, his passion for power systems grew. Roshan is particularly excited about designing and optimizing systems that contribute to sustainable energy solutions. He thrives on working on innovative projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

SynchroGrid’s commitment to innovation and excellence in relay setting development and system protection caught Roshan’s attention. The company’s focus on cutting-edge solutions aligns with his own aspirations. Additionally, the supportive and family-oriented culture at SynchroGrid played a pivotal role in his decision to join the team.

Before joining SynchroGrid, Roshan worked as an Assistant Manager at PCBL Limited. In this role, he handled electrical maintenance, designed motor starter schematics, and led energy management projects. His specialization in power systems and electrical machines prepared him well for his new position. As he steps into his role at SynchroGrid, Roshan aims to contribute to innovative relay setting solutions and enhance system protection reliability. One of his long-term goals includes achieving a Professional Engineer (PE) license. He looks forward to working on advanced protection and control projects, contributing to SynchroGrid’s growth, and making a significant impact on the efficiency and reliability of power systems.