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February 16, 2021

Join Us for a Webinar at Doble’s Protection Seminar

SynchroGrid Relay Setting Engineers, Lalit Ghatpande, P.E. and Naveen Ganta will be presenting a webinar this week on “A Case Study for Upgrading Transformer Protection from Electromechanical to Microprocessor.”

The premise for this presentation began with a past project in which the transformer protection was upgraded from the electromechanical to the microprocessor relays. The transformer relay upgrade project was an extension of a breaker replacement project in which an old oil circuit breaker failed to open during a fault and the circuit breaker was damaged.

This presentation provides an overview of the relay replacement process including reviewing the existing protection scheme, revising protection and control (P&C) schematics, determining the relay protection philosophy, calculating the relay settings, and checking the coordination between the calculated overcurrent protection settings and the existing distribution feeder relays and downstream devices.

The presentation illustrates the different transformer protection elements available in the microprocessor relays and describes the advantages of microprocessor relays over electromechanical relays. The presentation also outlines the issues that were faced during this project and the solutions used to mitigate those issues.

The webinar will be part of Doble’s Life of A Transformer virtual seminar and will take place on February 18th from 9:05 AM-10:00 AM.

Register for the seminar here: