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May 9, 2022

CPS Selects SynchroGrid to Provide Cutting-Edge Services for Multi-Year Contract

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – CPS Energy, the largest municipally-owned energy company in the U.S., has selected SynchroGrid, an innovative and forward-thinking engineering firm, to perform system protection and EPS metering services for a 3-year term.

During these 3 years, SynchroGrid will provide professional consulting services for a wide range of system protection projects, which could include creating system protection design packages, developing relay settings, performing coordination studies, working with digital substations, and providing project management services.

System protection is a critical area of the power system and requires engineers to maintain astute attention to detail to ensure reliable services. SynchroGrid leads the industry in providing cutting-edge, automated services for relay setting development and wide area coordination studies. This unique service can easily be integrated with CPS’s internal standard templates to eliminate copy and paste errors, minimize mis-operation rates, comply with NERC standards, reduce development time and costs, and improve the overall relay setting development process.

Through innovative research, SynchroGrid has developed in-house automation tools and has also collaborated with industry leaders such as ASPEN and Doble to enhance utilities’ current processes, providing unique services that will empower CPS to continue delivering reliable services for their customers.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to work with CPS Energy and are excited to work alongside their team,” says Joe Perez, president of SynchroGrid. “We have a great appreciation for the many team members required of a utility to ‘keep the lights on,’ and we look forward to contributing our services as a piece of this process, allowing us to serve the residents of the greater San Antonio area.”

SynchroGrid’s combination of experienced engineers, standardized procedures, innovative processes, and partnerships with industry leaders uniquely positions us to offer CPS a suite of state-of-the-art services, empowering them to provide unmatched services for their growing customer base.

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