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May 1, 2024

Our Time at Georgia Tech: Advancing Innovation and Building Connections


SynchroGrid’s participation at the Georgia Tech Protective Relay Conference was a testament to our commitment to both innovation and fostering meaningful connections. Our booth served as a hub of activity, where attendees engaged in live demonstrations of our advanced SARA software, now compatible with CAPE, in addition to ASPEN. Guided by our experienced team of engineers, participants gained valuable insights into the future of protective relay technology.

Amidst the technical showcases, our booth provided a conducive environment for networking and professional engagement. Over the course of three evenings, we facilitated discussions, exchanged ideas, and established connections with industry peers. Through these interactions, we not only shared our latest innovations but also gained valuable feedback and insights from fellow professionals. Our exhibit room offered a chance to enter a giveaway, snack on delicious treats, and score some fun swag.

As the conference concluded, we reflected on the importance of these networking opportunities in driving collaboration and advancing the field. Missed the chance to connect with us this time? Stay tuned for future events where we’ll continue to prioritize both innovation and meaningful relationships that will continue to drive the power grid forward.