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March 11, 2024

Expansion of Denver Team

We are thrilled to introduce Trevor Bentley as the newest member of our Denver team, joining us as a Lead Design Engineer. With his extensive experience and remarkable adaptability, Trevor is well-positioned to thrive in his new role. Trevor describes adaptability as his greatest strength, emphasizing the importance of customizing your knowledge and training to meet the unique challenges of each project.

Originally from Granite Falls, NC, Trevor now resides in Lake Wylie, SC, a suburb of Charlotte, NC. He pursued his studies in electrical engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Trevor’s interest in electrical engineering was sparked by his fascination with hybrid and electric cars, as well as his keen observation of the technical advancements within hybrid racecars, which utilized various energy storage methods for their electric powertrains. His passion for electrical engineering stems from the realization that electrical power is present in our daily lives. Recognizing that almost everything we utilize relies on electric power, Trevor is dedicated to ensuring uninterrupted access to this vital resource for all people.

Following his studies, Trevor spent eight years at SEL, refining his expertise in power system protection. He specialized in relay settings development and P&C design for a diverse clientele including utilities, cooperatives, independent power producers, and industrial clients. Trevor’s experience extends to field installation and commissioning of relays for both new and retrofit projects.

Trevor was drawn to SynchroGrid for its commitment to streamlining and automating power system protection, recognizing the challenges inherent in implementing modern best practices across the industry. In his new role, he is dedicated to fostering business growth and cultivating strong customer relationships.

Outside of work, Trevor enjoys a diverse range of hobbies. He likes spectating sports car racing, racing on his racing simulator at home, playing video games, riding his motorcycle, engaging in tennis matches, and socializing with friends at local breweries. He also cherishes quality time with his wife and son, exploring parks and greenways near their house.