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April 2, 2024

Administrative Team Addition

SynchroGrid is excited to introduce Chloe Weldon as our new Office Assistant! We are thrilled to welcome Chloe to our team, where her meticulousness, drive, and strong work ethic will undoubtedly enhance our administrative capabilities. Chloe brings a wealth of experience and a passion for supporting team members, making her an invaluable addition to SynchroGrid.

Originally from The Woodlands, TX, Chloe spent several years on her family’s ranch in Centerville, TX before settling in Bryan in 2022. She has developed a love for the area and expresses her desire to make it her home for many years to come. Chloe graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in biblical counseling from The Master’s University and has since accrued two years of experience in office administration, specializing in writing and editing.

Chloe was drawn to administrative roles due to her passion for working behind the scenes. She finds fulfillment in tasks that may go unnoticed by others but are essential to the success of the team or company. At SynchroGrid, her primary objective is to provide comprehensive administrative support, facilitating the company’s growth and evolution.

What particularly attracted Chloe to SynchroGrid was the exceptional company culture. She had heard glowing reviews from acquaintances who praised the company’s ethics, dedication to work-life balance, and commitment to excellence. Chloe is eager to learn from Office Manager, Erin, and contribute to the vibrant culture by assisting in event planning and organization of monthly company events.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Chloe enjoys immersing herself in literature, both as a reader and a writer of novels and poetry. She likes having theological discussions with friends and shares a passion for video games with her boyfriend. Additionally, Chloe admits to occasionally falling into the rabbit holes of video essays.