Key Features

  • Automatically perform data collection and fault analysis
  • Automate relay setting calculations
  • Replace Mathcad and spreadsheets with SARA-intelligent template
  • Export all setting calculations to a Word report
  • Store revised settings in PowerBase
  • Eliminate human error due to data transfer between separate programs
  • Create equations to verify NERC compliance for all versions of PRC-023, PRC-026, and PRC-027

SARA integrates with CAPE and ASPEN to automate relay setting development
SARA integrates with ASPEN and CAPE to automate transmission line relay setting creation.

Relay setting development

SARA automates the relay setting development process by streamlining the necessary steps, reducing error and increasing quality and efficiency. The process begins by creating a template to define a set of equations representing the setting philosophy. The template is then run by bi-directionally communicating with the short circuit programs to solve setting equations, streamlining the fault calculation process. From here, the settings can be exported into an rdb file, and reports can then be generated for quick and simple documentation and viewability.

User-friendly template (pictured above) defines settings equations.

NERC PRC-027-1 Compliance

In addition to automating the relay setting development process, SARA can also provide an automated solution to ensure PRC-027-1 compliance for any system. The process includes the following components, which ensure compliance with R1, R2, and R3:

1. Develop coordination template criteria
2. Create multiple sets of customized coordination templates
3. Sanitize the short circuit model
4. Apply the template to automate Wide Area Coordination
5. Run coordination studies based on fault current or time baselines
6. Organize issues by severity
7. Interactively resolve coordination violations
8. Simplify visualization of reports and increase readability
9. Reduce human error by diminishing manual steps

Check out our presentation: Evaluating Options for PRC-027-1

Dashboard for PRC-027-1 wide area coordination study violations
This dashboard makes it easy to view and prioritize violations. 


SARA provides a comprehensive process for wide area coordination. 

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General SARA Flyer

Simplifying PRC-027-1 with SARA Flyer

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