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September 1, 2022

SynchroGrid Hires Assistant Marketing Manager

Meet Clair Levisay, SynchroGrid’s Assistant Marketing Manager! Clair studied graphic design at Texas Christian University and is from the heart of DFW – Fort Worth, Texas.

Raised by an art teacher and IT expert, Clair merged her inherent love for the fine arts and digital world in the pursuit of graphic design. She has a love for brand identity, color theory, and typography, and this marketing role allows her to combine her passion for design and communication. “The ability to make connections and growth for a company and the combination of being creative and technical at the same time” inspires Clair in her work.

Clair’s strength in communicating concepts visually is echoed in all her work. One of Clair’s many design and marketing strengths is seeing the “big picture” in the beginning and helping those “concepts be designed or communicated effectively” until the end. Her experience includes working on projects with Pernod Ricard and other large corporations in the beverage industry, as well as freelance work for projects in real estate, small businesses, and the beauty industry.

Clair brings sleek designs and innovative concepts to the table, which perfectly coincides with SynchroGrid’s innovative services and vision to power a new direction in system protection. When choosing to work at SynchroGrid, “the range of experience in various departments but everyone contributing to the same team” stood out to Clair. We are excited to have her on our marketing team and to further the company’s connections on and offline.

Outside of work, Clair’s design enthusiasm is fueled by a shopping outing, a trip to an art museum, attending fitness classes, or cooking a new recipe in the kitchen.