Oil and Gas Consulting Services

SynchroGrid assists the oil and gas industry with services that support them in increasing their company's value and production. The following services that SynchroGrid offers enhance our customer's operational abilities:
  • Distribution substation and line design
  • Distributed generation
  • Utility interconnection and meter agreements
  • Lightning protection for ESPs and battery tanks
  • Battery and ESP grounding design


Distribution Substation and Line Design

SynchroGrid assists our oil and gas customers by designing their incoming power needs, such as new distribution substations and power lines. We offer a variety of services, including:
  • Distribution substation and line design
  • Conductor and transformer sizing
  • Load capability studies
  • Power factor correction
  • SEL 651R recloser installation 
  • Relay overcurrent coordination 


Distributed Generation

Distributed generation uses the customer's natural gas reserves to produce electricity and sell it to the power grid. SynchroGrid can provide complete implementation for the customer from inception to energization of new generation.
If you have a site where natural gas is available and would like to see if those resources could be exploited, please give us call. We can go to your site, provide a power assessment and make suggestions that best fit your needs.

Utility Interconnection Agreements and Meter Applications

The vast amount of paperwork required to become interconnected to the utility can be overwhelming and time consuming. SynchroGrid can aid the utility in all aspects of the interconnection agreement and primary meter applications.

Lightning Protection for ESPs and VFDS 

Lightning protection of submersible pumps has always been a challenge for the oil industry. Motor and VFD failures due to lightning are very costly, but they can be avoided if the proper design and protection are in place. SynchroGrid can extend our expertise and provide solutions so the equipment can keep running without outage times.
If you are having equipment failures, please give us a call. SynchroGrid's engineers can provide the right solution for your lightning problems. 

Grounding of Battery Tanks, ESPs and VFDs, and Overall Electrical System

Grounding is one of the most critical aspects of any electrical system. It provides a safety field for personnel and a path to earth. Improper installation of ground connections can be fatal to people and disastrous to electrical equipment. SynchroGrid can provide assistance by creating a set of grounding standards that can be used on ESPs, battery tanks, and overall electrical systems.