NERC PRC-027-1 Compliance Solutions

Compliance with NERC PRC-027-1 has brought increasing stress to utilities as they work to establish a defined process for performing relay setting development (Requirement 1) and coordination at regular intervals (Requirement 2).

As the deadline for Requirement 1 of PRC-027-1 approaches (April 1, 2021), utilities are evaluating their options for potential solutions.

SynchroGrid offers two innovative solutions for achieving compliance: (1) our high-caliber consulting services and (2) our state-of-the-art software.

PRC-027-1 Consulting Solution

Our consulting solution provides an established workflow from relay setting development to wide area coordination, which is what utilities desperately need. Our methodical workflow ensures we use well-defined protection philosophies, we sanitize and verify the ASPEN model, and we conduct a thorough review process using automation scripts to crosscheck results and ensure reliability. In addition, if a utility chooses to use our consulting solution, we deploy our software (SARA) as part of the overall project.

PRC-027-1 Software Solution

Our software solution utilizes our software tool, SARA (Setting Automation Relay Assistant), to streamline the workflow from relay setting development to wide area coordination. SARA provides user-friendly templates that document the compliance process and present easily viewable results for organizing and resolving discovered violations.

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SynchroGrid offers traditional and automated consulting solutions for PRC-027-1

Requirement 1: Defining a Relay Setting Development Process

Requirement 1 of PRC-027-1 states that each transmission owner, generator owner, and distribution provider shall establish a process for developing new and revised protection system settings for BES elements, such that the protection systems operate in the intended sequence during faults.

Manual Process for Requirement 1

Our team of engineers is highly experienced in standardizing processes for developing relay settings, and we lead the industry in establishing innovative relay setting development processes that have been applied in utilities using automated intelligent processes. These procedures eliminate copy and paste error, minimize mis-operation rates, and reduce the time required for system protection design and relay setting development by more than 60%. Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), Cross Texas Transmission (CTT), and Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) have already implemented these cutting-edge processes and are experiencing significantly improved outcomes.

SynchroGrid's manual process for requirement 1 (R1) of PRC-027-1.

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Automated Process for Requirement 1

Our software tool, SARA, also provides a streamlined workflow for developing relay settings, establishing a process that is documented and reliable. When the process is complete, SARA allows the engineer to export the settings to an RDB file and generate a report that documents the settings calculations.

SynchroGrid's automated solution for Requirement 1 of PRC-027-1 using SARA and PowerBase

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Requirement 2: Wide Area Coordination

Requirement 2 of PRC-027-1 states that each transmission owner, generator owner, and distribution provider shall perform a protection system coordination study periodically as determined by the options provided in the standard.

Manual Process for Requirement 2

SynchroGrid's NERC PRC-027-1 Process for Wide Area Coordination for Protective Relays

The wide area coordination study required by this standard produces enormous volumes of raw data, making it nearly impossible for an engineer to analyze and review the results. SynchroGrid has established a process for completing these coordination studies with the help of automation, which filters the data into user-friendly formats that can be easily reviewed and analyzed to determine issues and violations that need immediate attention. The reports produced by SynchroGrid also prioritize the issues from highest to lowest, allowing the engineer to focus their attention on the largest issues first.

Automated Process for Requirement 2

We also offer a streamlined automation solution utilizing our software tool, SARA. SARA allows the engineer to create a customized coordination template that will bi-directionally communicate with the short circuit model (ASPEN or CAPE) to run coordination studies. It will then organize the results into categories based on the severity of the violations, allowing the engineer to focus on the most pressing issues. In addition, SARA generates reporting documentation as required by NERC.

SynchroGrid's process for requirement 2 of PRC-027-1 using SARA and PowerBase

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Case Studies for PRC-027-1

Check out two of our most recent wide area coordination projects which we completed for Cross Texas Transmission and Rayburn Electric Country Cooperative. Click on the links below for more information:

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