Engineering Studies

SynchroGrid delivers expert electrical engineering services for all aspects of the electrical power system, including: 

  • Relay coordination studies

  • Power flow analysis

  • Power factor analysis

  • Motor starting analysis

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Surge protection analysis

Relay Coordination Studies

The power system is continuously undergoing changes and upgrades that have the potential to interrupt capability. This leaves protective relays, switches, fuses, and breaker ratings constantly in need of reevaluation for proper operation. SynchroGrid uses programs such as ASPEN and CAPE to determine proper coordination of system protection equipment. SynchroGrid can provide a complete coordination study for a utility transmission and distribution system.

Power Flow Analysis

SynchroGrid utilizes PSSE to perform steady state and contingency studies for the utility transmission system. By using the power flow analysis software, one can determine the system conditions for various cases:
  • Overloaded transformers during N-1 and N-2 contingencies
  • Overloaded lines during N-1 and N-2 contingencies
  • Effects of load-tap-changers in transformers
  • Proper capacitor ratings for power-factor correction
  • Power system losses
  • Voltage violations
  • Equipment ratings and loading

Power Factor Analysis

SynchroGrid helps our industrial customers avoid utility penalties due to power factor violations. Our studies can provide the most effective and economical solutions by determining the proper capacitor size and best location. Please give us a call today so we can begin solving your power factor problems.

Motor Starting Analysis

Our industrial customers face a big challenge to energize motors with different horse powers. At SynchroGrid, we can analyze the expected voltage dip and acceleration time for a motor and the effects of motor starting on a system. We can provide parallel solutions such as soft starters, across-the-line, reactors, capacitors, and more.

Harmonic Analysis

Harmonics are created by the widespread application of power electronics, such as SCRS and variable frequency drives. Harmonics can cause a number of problems, including transformer and motor failures, an increase in power losses, reduction in power factor, etc. SynchroGrid can provide solutions for these problems.

Surge Protection Analysis

SynchroGrid uses PSCAD transient analysis software to determine insulation problems in the utility system. SynchroGrid's studies can identify transient over-voltages that result from lightning and equipment switching. Surge-protection studies are needed when flashovers between insulators and ground occur. These could be due to a high level of lightning or capacitor switching exposure.