SynchroGrid and Softstuf have partnered to provide the best fault oscillographic software on the market.

Wavewin Features

  • Achieves full integration of all Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) from relays, digital fault recorders, meters, and more
  • Automated record transfer from protective relays, including SEL, GE, ABB, Areva, Basler, etc.
  • Automated record transfer from digital fault recorders, such as ERLPhase, Ametek, MeteTech, etc.
  • Easy company network access to records 
  • Unique oscillographic graphical interface for better analysis of power system faults


Oscillographic Viewer

  • Opens various types of proprietary & standard formats from digital fault records (DFRs), digital relays, meters, etc.
  • Translates fault records from their native format to the standard COMTRADE format
  • Provides calculated channels for modeling of missing phases, sequence components, and fault resistance
  • Creates combined event sequences from various types of DFRs
  • Merges multiple fault records into one COMTRADE record (composite fault records)
  • Supports the IEEE PSRC Report “Naming Convention for Time Sequenced Data Files”


Intelligent Electronic Device Manager

  • True parallel communications architecture. Wavewin can poll an unlimited number of relay, meter, and DFR types at the same time in various languages (library of drivers includes over 50 types of proprietary protocols plus FTP, TELNET, ZMODEM, MODBUS, DNP, and Script).
  • All event data is automatically extracted and transferred to the appropriate groups within 5 minutes of the event occurrence.
  • Each event record is stored in a separate file in its raw format so that it may be viewed by Wavewin or the original manufacturer software.
  • Automatic retrieval of target and fault distance information and real-time reporting to company databases, email, pagers, and/or printers are possible.
  • A formidable array of advanced analysis tools are available, including circular charts, graphical load profiles, phasors, harmonics, and sequence components.
  • Automatic logging of load information on a selected time period. Logged information is saved in a comma delimited format and can be imported to any spreadsheet program. 
  • Automatic detection of communication errors (health checks).
  • Automatic creation of specialized EPRI reports for transformer monitoring and oil filtration (ILOAD, Oil Temperature, Active Water, PPM).
  • Compatibility with a large array of temperature sensors, tap position, and fluid monitors (such as Hydran, Visala, Domino, INCON, TTC).