Line Constant Program

The program calculates the electrical parameters of overhead lines using Carson's formula for single pole lines. This is a very simple but useful software program. It is free for our existing customers.

The software calculates the impedance parameters for most conductors. It is designed to give engineers a straightforward way to check parameters for existing lines. This program is extremely easy to learn and use.

The program can model overhead transmission lines with:

  • One or more ground wires, both segmented and unsegmented
  • Bundled conductors
  • Transposed and untransposed circuits
  • Any number of line sections with phase transpositions between them
  • Branch impedance and admittance matrices in the phase domain
  • Nodal capacitance and susceptance matrices in the phase domain
  • Positive- and zero-sequence self-impedance and capacitance
  • Zero-sequence mutual impedance (for transmission lines only)