SynchroGrid's products have been developed with utility engineer's input. We welcome the end user's feedback and ideas, which help to further close the gap between the developers and utility engineers. Please look below to see how our products are assisting utility engineers in solving the problems they regularly encounter.

SARA: Setting Automation Relay Assistant

SARA (Setting Automation Relay Assistant) is a tool that seamlessly interacts with ASPEN and PowerBase to simplify relay setting development and provides a complete solution for PRC-027-1 compliance. 

Wavewin Software

Wavewin provides automated data and record collection of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) over the network to a centralized server. Wavewin assures that all records are automatically available at the engineer's desk.

Transformer Dynamic Rating

Ratron allows engineers to calculate beyond nameplate ratings for power transformers based on IEEE C57.91-1995. Easily calculate normal, emergency, and short-time emergency ratings for power transformers.