The under/over frequency settings and under/over voltage settings were investigated in detail to evaluate compliance with NERC PRC-024-2.

SynchroGrid analyzed all generator frequency and voltage protective relay settings for all wind farms to ensure that they were in compliance with the PRC standard.


Similar projects


SynchroGrid conducted a coordination review utilizing compliance of NERC PRC-019-2 at Roland C. Dansby Power Plant.

CTT: NERC PRC-002-2 Compliance

SynchroGrid reviewed substation settings to ensure compliance with NERC PRC-002-2 for Cross Texas Transmission.

Pattern: NERC PRC-025-1 Compliance

SynchroGrid reviewed protection relay settings for Pattern Energy's Panhandle substation. 

Pattern: NERC PRC-019-2 Compliance

SynchroGrid performed engineering calculations to verify that relay settings were in compliance with NERC PRC-019-2 for all wind farms located in the United States.

ACCIONA: NERC PRC-025-1 Compliance

SynchroGrid implemented NERC PRC-025-1 Generator Relay Loadability to assess load response settings. 


SynchroGrid created standard relay maintenance procedures and documentation to ensure compliance with NERC PRC-005-6 for Bryan Texas Utilities. 

BTU: NERC PRC-024-2 Review

SynchroGrid reviewed the protection relay settings for Bryan Texas Utilities to ensure compliance with PRC-024-2.

NRG: Generator NERC-PRC-025-1 Compliance Review

SynchroGrid created an innovative process that has simplified the verification of generator protective relays for NERC PRC-025 compliance. 

Pattern: Wind Farm System Protection Compliance Review

SynchroGrid performed extensive calculations for wind farms across Canada to ensure that their relay settings were in compliance with a number of NERC-PRC standards.