SynchroGrid performed a transformer upgrade for Garland Power & Light at Hog Creek Substation. Along with the transformer, two relay panels and devices as well as the relay protection scheme were updated.

Other services included:

  • Addition of a new battery bank and fiber optic system
  • Development of a new bill of materials for all upgrades
  • Update of all oneline drawings, three-lines, control schematics, AC/DC drawings, panel layouts, and wiring diagrams
  • Revision of physical electrical drawings with the new transformer, breaker changes, conduit additions, and circuit-switcher to bring them up to date

Similar projects

Bluebonnet Electric: Lyle Wolz Transformer Addition

SynchroGrid provided design services to install a second transformer for Bluebonnet Electric at the Lyle Wolz substation.

BTU: Nall Lane Substation

SynchroGrid replaced a distribution transformer and a relay panel at the BTU Nall Lane substation. 

CTT: 345kV Reactor Inrush DFR Solution

SynchroGrid developed a DFR solution to monitor reactor inrush currents. This will enable CTT to build a database of waveform signals to analyze and detect abnormal conditions.