SynchroGrid worked on a multi-reactor DFR monitoring project to assist with further knowledge of reactor operation. 

The process included the following:

  • Updating Tesla 4000 DFR’s, split core CT’s, schematics, wiring diagrams, cable charts, three lines and one-line diagrams for Railhead and Gray substation 
  • Upgrading station computer

Similar projects

Bluebonnet Electric: Lyle Wolz Transformer Addition

SynchroGrid provided design services to install a second transformer for Bluebonnet Electric at the Lyle Wolz substation.

BTU: Nall Lane Substation

SynchroGrid replaced a distribution transformer and a relay panel at the BTU Nall Lane substation. 

Garland Power & Light: 138kV Transformer Upgrade

SynchroGrid provided services for Garland Power and Light to upgrade a 138kV transformer.