We are happy to announce that Farmington Electric Utility Service (FEUS) has selected SynchroGrid to perform a wide area coordination study of their transmission system to help them comply with R2 of PRC-027-1. We are also working to establish a relay setting development process for FEUS in order to achieve compliance with R1 as well.

SynchroGrid’s exclusive process for Wide Area Coordination analysis scans the entire transmission system to uncover high risk areas for blackouts, mis-coordinated relays, relays that operate out of order or out of zone, incorrect relay settings, and more. Our process allows us to perform deeper analysis of the entire system in a highly efficient manner, uncovering weaknesses and errors that could cause mis-operations and blackouts.

A summary of our process is shown below:

  1. Short circuit model verification. SynchroGrid verifies that all information to be used in the short circuit model is reliable and accurate prior to analysis. This includes verifying the topology, impedances, transformer configuration, relay settings, and line ratings.
  2. Coordination criteria development. SynchroGrid collaborates with the client to establish coordination criteria. These criteria include minimum and maximum thresholds for phase and ground Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4 distance elements. SynchroGrid also defines coordination criteria for the phase and ground time and instantaneous overcurrent elements.
  3. Violation criteria development. SynchroGrid establishes violation criteria to determine which relay operation violations have the most effect in the system. The criteria include out of order violations, out of zone violations, and CTI violations.
  4. Violation resolution. SynchroGrid takes the necessary steps to address and resolve all violations.
  5. Report generation. SynchroGrid generates a comprehensive report of all coordination activities.

After this project is completed, FEUS will have a well-coordinated system and will meet the PRC-027-1 R2 requirements for the next six years and the R1 requirements as well.

Looking for solutions for PRC-027-1? Contact us by emailing jperez@synchrogrid.com or calling 713-471-3429.

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