SynchroGrid recently completed a Wide Area Coordination (WAC) project for Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative, ensuring that their system was well-coordinated and prepared to meet Requirement 2 of PRC-027-1. Due to our unique combination of system protection and software development expertise, we are able to provide both innovative and automated solutions for both requirements 1 and 2 of PRC-027-1.

By combining automated processes with conventional consulting techniques, we are able to streamline WAC studies. Our rigorous scans uncover high risk areas for blackouts, mis-coordinated relays, relays that operate out of order or out of zone, incorrect relay settings and more. The combination of conventional and automated techniques allows us to be highly efficient, while still having multiple levels of review to ensure quality. We perform an in-depth analysis on the entire system, ensuring reliable protection operation and helping to prevent mis-operations and cascading blackouts.

A summary of our Wide Area Coordination process is as follows:

  1. Short circuit model verification. SynchroGrid verified that all information to be used in Rayburn’s short circuit model was reliable and accurate prior to analysis. This included verifying the topology, impedances, transformer configuration, relay settings, and line ratings.
  2. Coordination criteria development. SynchroGrid collaborated with Rayburn to establish coordination criteria. These criteria included minimum and maximum thresholds for phase and ground Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4 distance elements. SynchroGrid also defined coordination criteria for the phase and ground time and instantaneous overcurrent elements.
  3. Violation criteria development. SynchroGrid established violation criteria to determine which relay operation violations had the most effect in the system. The criteria included out of order violations, out of zone violations, and CTI violations.
  4. Violation resolution. SynchroGrid took the necessary steps to address and resolve all violations.
  5. Report generation. SynchroGrid generated a comprehensive report of all coordination activities.

After this project was completed, Rayburn’s system was well-coordinated system and will meet the PRC-027-1 R2 requirements for the next six years. In addition, they now have a thorough set of reporting documentation.

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