We are happy to announce that R-Delta Engineers has adopted our software tool, SARA, to help automate their relay setting development processes. After we delivered the software to their engineers, we also provided training at their office and offered technical support as they explored the software. R-Delta chose to use our software to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in relay settings development as they continue striving to offer the best services to their customers.

SARA provides many innovative features including:

  • Front-end design that simplifies the file loading process, allowing settings engineers to produce even faster settings while maintaining quality
  • User defined variables, giving users the ability to keep existing process decisions such as PT/CCVT locations
  • Ability to add instructions to user defined variables
  • Ability to add instructions to relay setting cards
  • Resistive fault capabilities
  • And more

SARA will help R-Delta establish a more efficient relay settings development process by automating the process, eliminating copy and paste error, and producing settings much faster than before.

To learn more about SARA, Click Here.