Namitha Ramachandran will be working at SynchroGrid as a substation design engineer

We are excited to welcome Namitha Ramachandran to the team as a Substation Design Engineer! Namitha is a power systems engineer with industry experience in substation design, protection and control, and solar interconnection applications. At SynchroGrid, she will be focusing on substation and protection and control design.

Namitha previously worked as a substation design engineer with the power delivery group at HDR, Inc. where she gained experience in designing and reviewing substation design packages, verifying protection and control drawings, creating relay settings, performing grounding grid analysis, performing system studies, and creating technical documentation. She has also worked with NEO Virtus Engineering as an electrical engineer where she was responsible for designing and drafting interconnection drawings, releasing packages, performing system studies, and creating rdb files for solar interconnection applications.

Namitha earned her master’s degree in electrical engineering from Michigan Tech. She is a self-motivated individual who is always on the lookout for new learning experiences, and she is looking forward to an exciting career ahead with SynchroGrid.