In response to our commitment to delivering the highest quality service in relay setting development, our customer demand has increased! In order to meet that demand, we hired Naveen Ganta, a Relay Setting Engineer originally from India. Adding Naveen’s experience to our team will allow us to continue providing the excellence that our customers demand in relay setting development.

Naveen began his studies in India, earning his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the India Institute of Technology. He went on to pursue a master's degree in Energy Systems from the University of Texas. Naveen has been working in the industry since he earned his bachelor’s, and has gained a wide variety of experience during his career.

Among his many notable achievements, Naveen recently worked for a consulting company in Louisiana where he focused on power system protection. During his time there, Naveen delivered multiple relay setting projects for Entergy, primarily focusing on transmission line protection. He also has experience with NERC compliance, issuing multiple reports for PG&E.

In addition to this experience, Naveen worked internationally in China, focusing on control systems and power system protection for an electrical vehicle charging station.

At SynchroGrid, Naveen will focus on relay setting development and coordination studies, primarily using CAPE and ASPEN to focus on the new PRC-027-1 standard coming next year.

In his free time, Naveen enjoys watching soccer and listening to Indian music. He has enjoyed working with SynchroGrid because of the diversity of the projects, allowing him to gain experience in a variety of areas.