On Monday, June 1, SynchroGrid and Doble will be co-presenting at the Doble Engineering Protection Seminar on PRC-027-1. While the seminar was originally going to be held in Reston, Virginia, it has gone virtual due to COVID-19 and will be presented in a webinar format.

In our presentation, we will examine the requirements for NERC PRC-027-1 and discuss an integrated solution created with our SARA software and Doble's PowerBase® application. We will provide practical steps for establishing a utility-wide standardized development process for relay setting development and wide area coordination, empowering utilities to ensure consistency, increase reliability, and reduce errors.

Register Here: Doble Protection Seminar

Automated Solution for PRC-027-1 Compliance

Given the tremendous amount of labor required by this standard, it is imperative for utilities to use an automated process. SynchroGrid’s SARA (Setting Automation Relay Assistant) and Doble's PowerBase® offer a cutting-edge solution for PRC-027-1 by automating time settings calculations, reducing time spent on calculating and reviewing data, eliminating the error-prone process of copying/pasting, and generating comprehensive report documentation.