SynchroGrid recently collaborated with ABB to create a new settings translation tool, developed and designed in-house by SynchroGrid software developers. We were honored to have our project featured in a webinar at their ABB Customer World Conference on March 14, 2019 in Houston, Texas.

To listen to the webinar, click here.

The DPU2000R – REF615R Setting Translation Wizard Tool was designed to automatically convert DPU2000R settings to their equivalents in the new REF615R retrofit relay. This saves considerable time compared to calculating the settings (which are often very complex) and entering them manually into the new relay. Accuracy is also ensured. The tool allows the user to browse for, or "drag and drop" DPU2000R text files into the tool so they can automatically generate the target output XRIO file. The XRIO parameters are then easily imported to the REF615R using the PCM600 software.

SynchroGrid customized a setting translation wizard tool for ABB.

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