In March, SynchroGrid attended the annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers at Texas A&M. The week started well with our pre-conference class on Monday. During the class, members of our software team presented new developments in our automation software, SARA (Settings Automation Relay Assistant). After reviewing SARA’s current functions in automating relay setting development, our team introduced SARA’s newest module, which automates the PRC-027-1 compliance process.

We enjoyed interacting with the many attendees at the class as well as hearing their feedback and questions about the material! 

On Tuesday, SynchroGrid Founder Joe Perez presented a paper on “An Innovative and Automated Solution for PRC-027-1 Compliance.” The presentation was well-attended and discussed the current manual process of developing relay settings as compared to the new, automated process we have developed.

Read the paper here

Our Founder, Joe Perez, presenting his paper at the conference.

Throughout the week, our booth enjoyed much traffic, and we were able to provide many software demonstrations as well as introduce our customers to our system protection services.

Pictured above is one of our many SARA software demonstrations.  

Joe gave another presentation on Wednesday, this one titled, “The Mystery of the Phantom Current.” In this presentation, he discussed the mis-operation of a line reactor protection relaying due to an unknown current that tripped the current differential relay while the line reactor breaker was open.

Our engineers enjoyed sharing with many professionals about our innovative consulting services. 

Overall, we enjoyed getting to make new connections and reconnect with old ones, and we look forward to coming again next year!