In recent news, EKPC joined LCRA and acquired SARA 2.0 only last month. Although EKPC already has a functioning manual relay setting development process, they chose to use SARA because it streamlines the steps through automation, which dramatically improves their efficiency and completely eliminates copy and paste error.

An automated process not only has the ability to reduce human error through removing the manual entry of settings to relay settings files, but it can also save time during the settings calculation process. Instead of spending time on a tedious process, the relay engineers can instead focus their time on reviewing and examining the settings, looking at different scenarios for the protection scheme that may be unique to each line.

The fundamental aspect of automated settings is not to take the place of the engineer, but to assist in retrieving the correct information to study, allowing the engineer to make an informed decision on how to manipulate the set points and achieve the best coverage of the protection scheme.

We are excited to work with EKPC and support them as they continue to use SARA and enjoy the benefits of the automation.